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Orlando Drupal User's Group Presentation

Yesterday I gave a presentation to the Florida Drupal User's Group at the Orlando Public Library.

We had about a dozen people show up, and there's a lot of interest in future meetups. So much so, in fact, that we went ahead and scheduled monthly meetings (3rd Saturday of every month). We have topics and speakers lined up for the meetups through October. See the meeting wrapup for all the info.

Here's some links to some stuff we discussed that I promised to post:

The (Central-) Florida group appears to have gotten a much-needed jolt of energy from the meeting. There's a lot of interest in future meetings and working together, and I'm exiciting at the prospect of having an active local Drupal group.

We talked about staying active on and other ways to increase our numbers and interest in our group. We also discussed ways to reach out to new Drupal users as well as people who have never touched Drupal but want to know what it is all about (hence the topic of our next meeting is "Getting started with Drupal").

With the help of Ryan at Florida Creatives, we also plan to reach out to other Florida-based individuals interested in learning more about Drupal.

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I shared this with my

I shared this with my teammates over at Bonnier Corp. We are trying to get folks up to speed with Drupal in the next few months as we will bring our second (maybe third and fourth) Drupal site online before the end of the year.

Thanks for your time


Thanks for the presentation and your "give back to Drupal" goodness...

See you next month.

Joe Moraca

Thanks for putting these

Thanks for putting these online!

Note that here is a beginners guide to Drupal you could use.