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How Do I Start a Career in Drupal?

Those seeking to become Drupal independent contractors or employees should:

  1. Get the Skills – Learn, understand & work well with Drupal
  2. Join the Community – Become acquainted & participate in Drupal forums, camps, meet ups and conferences.
  3. Work with Drupal – Get practical experience in building Drupal projects however you can

The 10 week, 120 hour Drupal Career Starter Program will guide you through the three steps toward success as a Drupal professional. The program will:

  1. Teach you basics and more advanced Drupal development skills
  2. Introduce you to the regional and global Drupal Community and ways to particpate
  3. Make available internships within the community.


The 10-week Drupal training course curriculum will teach you to understand Drupal, install the software and develop a basic web site using the standard core modules of the system. Participants will also learn how to tap into the Drupal community in Florida to gain the practical experience needed to obtain a Drupal full time position, to subcontract, and eventually become an independent contractor.


The course will also introduce participants to the Drupal Community. Geographically-based organizations, like the Florida Drupal Users Group have gained a lot of traction and serve as regional cores for Drupal project teaming, hiring and professional development. Most Drupal business is done using assets that people are aware of through their participation in the Drupal Community. The course and related independent activities will promote participation in regional groups and the international organization.


The best way to develop the advanced skills and start earning upper tier hourly wages is to work on projects by interning for Drupal Development companies or working with other experienced organizations or individuals using Drupal. The Drupal Career Starter Program will make help arrange nternships funded for technically quaified completers to provide practical work experience and entry into the Drupal Community that can be leveraged to obtain full time employment or ongoing contract work in Drupal. 

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