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bonnier and Launch

I've been heads-down for the past 4+ months working with Bonnier in an effort to migrate and to Drupal 5. I'm proud to say that earlier this week, both sites went live! In case you're not familiar with Bonnier, they're also the parent company of Popular Science, a well-known Drupal site.

As a contractor to the development team, I took part in adding new and expanding existing features to the sites. The previous incarnation of both sites was based on a proprietary content management system that had reached its limits.

The two sites have virtually the same feature set, but each one has their own custom theme and vocabularies (and not just in the Drupal-ese meaning of the word!) Therefore, most of the work we did had to be written in a generic enough way to work in both places.

Submitted by michael on Wed, 01/14/2009 - 3:23pm
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